10 Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

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  1. Ok I agree that the lizard thing is stupid as well as all the others but it is just as stupid for you to call voting a privilege. VOTING IS NOT A GOD DAMN PRIVILEGE, IT IS AN INALIENABLE RIGHT THAT MANY MEN STRUGGLED IN BATTLE AGAINST THE TYRANNICAL BRITISH EMPRIE FOR!

  2. the devil lives in the department of motor vehicles.. or bureau of motor vehicles and nothing anyone says can change my mind. dmv is fucking hell on earth a portal to the underworld

  3. I know some people believe that a lot of the tragedies that happen in America are implemented to take attention away from a scandal in the political field or to help them push an agenda.

  4. Simon I understand this video is a year old but I know a crazy conspiracy theory! I went to school with and even worked with a guy who believed that the earth is only 6,000 years old (no he’s not religious) and thinks that dinosaurs NEVER EXISTED. He thinks the bones are fake and the United States government just..made it up for some reason

  5. Not even an honorable mention for anti-vaxxers? Come on. It's perfect. Dr. Momblog (who is full of vaccines herself and therefore perfectly healthy) suddenly knows more about medicine than actual doctors and literally centuries of evidence that debilitating diseases can be combatted by immunization practices. These people are insane and cruelly denying their own children life-saving medicine all because of a falsified study that has been proven to be more about money than actually helping anyone. You can't go to Disneyland without getting measles. Measles are back because of the anti-vaxxers. What's next, polio? FDR was crippled because of it. And that's what some parents would rather their kids go through than supposedly have austic kids? Really? Autism is worse than severely crippled or even dead children? Hello!

  6. Hahahahahahahahahah…. the Moon isn't real and its just a giant hologram…..PMSL. So what did they use to project the hologram in the 1950's, 40's, 30's, 20's 10's 1900 etc. I wonder, perhaps it was a giant piece of cardboard… I'm laughing again hahahahahahahahahahaha……………

  7. Hahahahahahah the US government dumped fake snow on Georgia hahahahahahaha has anyone asked why? and even more stupidly How? hahahahahahahahaha

  8. Hahahahahahahaha, if you go to a Yoga class and there's a lot of steps going down to into the place and its getting hotter and hotter…… hahahahahaha

  9. There'a secret access hole to the earths core in the Antarctic and NASA are keeping it a secret. Well. if its a big secret how do you know about it to tell YouTube???????

  10. Denver Airport hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I am the almighty Devil and I can do what ever I like so I'm going to live at Denver Airport……Hahahahahahahahahaha that's ridiculous

  11. Saddam Hussein had a Stargate hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, then why was he hiding in a dirt hole in some scrubby Iraq town, surely he would have used his Stargate on gone to the planet zoing boing

  12. I thought the conspiracy theoriest hated the NWO, so why would they believe they would save us from Saddam’s Aliens? Enemy of my enemy is my friend?

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