10 Greatest Conspiracy Theories Ever

Most conspiracy theories are completely mental. And the more ridiculous they get, the more fun they tend to be. Some included on this list will be ridiculous and …




  1. Lol if the illuminati where real and started by nazis their leader would have ignored all his advisors, made some supremely dumb decisions, then ran the group into the ground long ago.

  2. meh, that "new world order" stuff is actually most logical, but it is almost impossible to gain. i guess we were closest to this, when royal families ruled Europe, but even then they had wars all the time

  3. My absolute favorite is that Hungarians (such as me) are actually a race of aliens, and we (you'd never guess it) control the world from the shadows. I don't know about that, I haven't experienced anything alienish on myself. Either it's false, or I'm defected, thus my race won't let me know the truth, because I'm unworthy for my lack of aliennes.

  4. The Clintons are like they Kennedys. Well connected family of other well connected families, who have a highly active and risk taking life style dabbling in corporate crime.

  5. For the ninth one, what's so bad about bending light, it will reduce the use of fossil fuels and and the hipped will be satisfied with clean earth policies

  6. The Philidelphia Experiment has been proven bollocks on more than one occasion. The warship in question wasn't even anywhere NEAR where the jackass said it was being experimented on.

  7. "Hundreds of years"? Educated people have known the earth was spherical for thousands of years. The ancient greeks successfully calculated the circumference of around 200BC, and no one ever doubted them. The idea that Europeans thought the Earth was flat circa 1492 is a myth, with no basis in reality.

  8. if the world was just one nation, wouldnt it be harder to enslave the population due to the fact that people would stop fighting over borders and all turn their attention and anger on the enslavers, and with all that practice fighting each other, have an easier time with a small group?

  9. I suppose the reason Trump is so hated is that he's the first world leader in centuries to actually not be reptilian or some shit.

  10. Because the Armenian Elites theory exists, that is just further evidence that the theory that Jews control the world is a bunch of bull.
    Also, the Fourth Reich does exist, it is called the EU, or European Union, though some call it the Merkelreich.

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