10 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time

We run down our favourite 10 conspiracies, in this very special collaboration with Alltime10s. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies!




  1. Plz people unsubcribe to this misinformation channel made by the Masonic Elite to make us masses believe that conspiracies dont exist. Conspiracy is a word invented to the new world to cover up the dirty realm the Elites do.

  2. thats not why JFK was killed, it was because he has tried (and nearly accomplished) to put the US back on the gold standard, the bill was written up and i think even put through congress. the FED reserve was originally only supposed to be temporary right? i could be wrong about that, about it being only temporary, but i do know for a fact, after doing lots of my own research (which btw is what EVERYONE should be doing when they find supposed facts in videos such as this interesting, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and compare the facts you find with current world events) that JFK was in fact killed for that reason, putting the US back on the gold standard and eliminating this fractional reserve banking would have ruined the "elite's plan for total world domination, which they already have for the most part depending on how you look at it, as each dollar printed has interest attached to it, meaning the cash to pay the debt literally doesnt exist and cannot ever exist whilst this system remains intact, JFK realized this and tried to fix it, then the powers that be, had him eliminated… JFK was our last president that wasnt corrupted by the people trying to bring down the world and establish the NWO, do your own research i could type for days about this topic and never come close to finishing.. it would seem that Trump, as much as he is hated, is going to try and bring this system t an end, which is why the "elite" have been doing all they can to get him taken out of office before he even gets there… thats all im going to say as, once again, its complex and would take days to fully explain, so take this premise i have mentioned, and do your own digging, just make sure you know where youre getting your info from to make CERTAIN its correct, then compare to other facts, then compare all THAT to current world events and affairs, and you'll see the pattern and horrible truth emerge…

  3. the illuminati whom controlling the US and UK are making a war against Islam since 9/11
    Alqaida then Isis are made by US to destroy the middle east
    they are the new nasties

  4. Killuminati means that we have to stop paying attention to all this illuminati stuff because it's wasting our energy when we can do positive things to change our lives instead. I don't think he believed the Illuminati was real. A lot of people get that confused. There is an interview somewhere where he says it. Sorry for not providing link.

  5. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist."
    People are being taught every day to never take these things seriously and to laugh at people who question the world around them and who are searching for staff like these "conspiracy theories". But there's a second reason why people refuse to question their world. It's fear. Humans need to feel safe and making yourself believe that none of the "conspiracy theories" exist is very convenient.

  6. Tbh I don't think aliens have visited I do believe they exist but I doubt we're that important I mean to a certain small group maybe think about it do you all stop and examine every little ant mound you see or do you often not notice it and continue on with your day unless you're someone who is extremely interested in such a thing you probably don't even care or don't even realize them. Why would an advanced civilization that has traveled millions of lightyears just to stop and watch us primitive apes slap each other for oil rights we're not as interesting as we think we are maybe a small group has visited because they wanted to further investigate but I mean aliens controlling governments or influencing world events is unlikely that would be like us trying to make a certain lion head of a pride it doesn't serve a purpose to us so why do it what purpose does it serve to manipulate more primitive races.

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