10 Disturbing Alien Conspiracies

There are hundreds of alien conspiracy theories out there, from the Roswell incident to Area 51, but these 10 take it to the next level. From Alien Jesus, to a …




  1. Secureteam10 is such a joke of a channel. Seriously, if you want any sort of actual information, don't go anywhere near that channel.

  2. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire of the shoulder of Orion, I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tan-hauser gates.

  3. ALIENS do not EXIST,, its Nazi propaganda ,, next they will be telling you that we are being threatened by them so we need to unite and weaponize our sky,,o wait that bit is already done,, aliens are demonic ent,s which are here with us and always have been,, stupid space MASONIC assholes ,, NASA in Hebrew means to DECEIVE hence the serpent tongue logo and the Nazi background,, Their job is to continue deceiving the world,,

  4. all of this is such rubbish, I think if anything has to start with "Conspiracy theory" Is automatically false, there is always a rational answer to the questions, or some unanswered.

  5. The German-claimed area of Antarctica, known as New Swabia, claimed in 1935 until the Australians retrieved it after WWII (a 1959 treaty suspends all national claims of the icy continent), is an ideal place for the Nazis led by Hitler to hide. The myth goes the Asgard civilization of the Nordics, humanoid aliens, is under the earth with entries in Antarctica. +

  6. The Jesus was is the dumbest shit. It just shows people's true hatered for Christ or the idea of a God. First off they are finding out a lot of the Bible is true and towns described in it are being discovered which means they believe in the stories and events in the Bible, but they still don't want to even consider that it has to do with a devine being, cause that's just silly next to little grey men in space ships and instead of Jesus being the son of God no he has to be some super alien hybird with powers and extreamly high intelligence which is why he was so perfect, peacful and not tempted by lust, greed, power and other things that humans were affected by. I find it funny how they are going to the Bible for truth yet don't want to even try to prove the main point of it. Automatically Aliens were the cause of it all.

  7. My problem with the Einstein letter as well? It's PACKED with repeated spelling mistakes, leading to it likely being bullshit and misspelling their damned names at times too!

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