10 CREEPY Disney Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE!

10 CREEPY Disney Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE! Welcome back to the channel everybody! In today’s video, we have another list about conspiracy theories which is 10 CREEPY Disney Conspirac…




  1. Honestly, they're just trying to make shows and movies for families and friends, and the society's going deeper than it intends to be. 😹😹

  2. The Toy Story movies. The third one was warped, I remember watching it with my 5 year old and thinking 'wtf'. And are we going to just ignore the ever-watching deranged monkey with the cymbal?

  3. OMG FINALLY! Every video I've seen about Mother Gothel being the Evil Queen, they always say the dagger she has is kept in a BOX like the Evil Queen! But it's not! It's in a drawer like you said! Finally someone gets it right! that has always bugged me! It's not a box!
    Evil Queen=Box
    Mother Gothel=Drawer!

  4. The problem with the Ana Elias rupuzile Tarzan theory is that Tarzan was born at the time of the ship reck. Ana's mom wasn't showing she was pregnant Ana says see you in 2 weeks there for the trip would have been way to short for her to have. Began showing and given birth

  5. Because the genie said he was locked up for over 10,000 years mean the year has to be at least 10,000?? BRO! You do know there is B.C. right? time before the year "0" which really makes no sense but yeah

  6. Bing Bong can also be alive in her parents mind, right? I mean, Rylie must have talked about him, drawn him, and described him. Might look slightly different, but still alive? What do you think?

  7. 1:05 "She looks just like the old hag". You know except for the fact that her nose is smaller and waaay less crooked, she doesn't have a wart, her hair is a grey white not a blonde white, also it's curly instead of straight and their facial structure is completely but sure they look JUST like each other 😒

    Also how can Jane have inheirted Chip and Mrs. Potts when they're no longer a teacup/teapot. Always so many holes in these "theories"

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