10 Crazy Space conspiracy theories

10 Crazy Space Conspiracy Theories. A top 10 countdown list of the most crazy insane mental conspiracy theories relating to space and the universe. From Space Nazis to rogue nuclear bomb-wielding…




  1. "there is no evidence, there never will be — good answer" WHAT??? Well, I am out of this shit sandwich. This video is for the mentally challenged.

  2. Such a terribly put together video. It's like you have just scraped together your own stories for most of these. Many people believe the Nazis escaped, and that they had space tech yes. Not many people believe they escaped to the moon though, the moon's inhabitants wouldn't be too happy about that 😉 they went elsewhere. Also the scientific community has not dismissed "planet X" at all, quite the contrary. They are actively looking for another planet, the effects on the solar system from the proposed "planet X" are what led to the modern day confirmations of both Neptune, Pluto and the more distant Kuiper Belt Dwarf planets. Those same effects are still pointing to the existence of at least one another actual planet (not dwarf). What mainstream science HAS said regarding "planet X" is that it is not going to wipe out Earth and it is not a "Nemesis" star.

  3. Whoever thought of number 10 must be real stupid….
    Do you think if Nazis had that kind of technology they would just leave the planet?!

  4. This video was garbage and did no credit at all in debunking or any real objective analysis or playing devils advocate, thumbs down on this trash , obviously unaware to the reality of another planet lurking the kuiper belt

  5. Barry Soetoro is a real thing. It's a combination of name change in two different periods of his life. Barry from his earlier life when trying to Americanize Barack, and Soetoro was the name of his stap-dad. I don't know if he had actually used it. Lolo Soetoro was Obama's Indonesian stepfather. If it sounds crazy to you just google it.

  6. They have detected a ninth planet in the solar system. The scientists have been studying the movement of the planets and asteroids. They’ve noticed gravitational tugs on the asteroids that are likely the result of another planet in the solar system. Different orbits have been theorized and they have started searching for the planet. At least one other planet was found in the solar system by using the gravity equations. I’m sure we will have an actual image of the ninth planet in a few years.

  7. Regarding Number 6: if you dismiss it that off-handedly, you truly don’t have as vast a passion for cosmology as you claim to.

  8. Barry Soetero. OMG! How can anyone possibly come up with such a weird name and apply it to Obama? I;m sure that it has nothing whatever to do with the not-at-all-related fact that Barack Obama himself called himself Barry Soetero up until the point at which he announced his run for the Presidency. I'm sure those tinfoil-hat-wearers just made up a crazy name that no one ever heard of that just happens to be spelt and pronounced exactly the same as the name Obama wore on his Senatorial? (Congressional?) nametag! How dare they besmirch his name with such a crazu, unprecedented, obviously-made-up-by-them name?!

  9. Conspiracy theorists, tell them that we've actually never been on the moon and they'll say, "No… We have, there are evidences".

  10. "I wrote this script a while ago, so i dont remember what comes next, but im sure its less crazy than this one" next theory:obama went to pluto calling himself Barry Satero

  11. One Pluto is to far away, two, no one has ever been on mars, and three Barack Obama’s shut down nasa because he thought it was unnecessary

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