10 Crazy NEW Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Popstar Taylor Swift has been associated with quite a few celebrity conspiracy theories. Here are 10 Crazy NEW Celebrity Conspiracy Theories. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 4.Willy…




  1. Unless 2 or more people CONSPIRED TO PURPOSELY HARM OTHERS IN SOME WAY, then it is NOT a “CONSPIRACY THEORY”!!!! It’s just a theory, a rumor….

    & why the fuck would you describe that huge Kardashian as “fairer complexion” when able to present the THEORY that her real father was a black man?

    Who the fuck writes this garbage?!

  2. Ok, first things first, blind doesn't equate to not being able to find stuff, or bing amazing because this blind dude is a musician, and 2nd who says asking someone with a disability questions about their situation is insulting? Blah! I'm unsubscribing. ignorant fuckers.

  3. Not getting in the Tupac one I could write a library but yes Elvis is Bob Joyce now a pastor something Elvis said he always wanted to be look him up also look up his song Come Onto Thee then look up Elvis " Come onto thee also Michael Jackson is really alive and Marilyn Monroe also faked her own death we live in a sick sitanic world and all these artists spoke out against the elite's

  4. OK the weirdest thing about this video is the fact that recently it's been all of the tabloids that Stevie wonder is claiming to be able to see you again🤔

  5. It's possible that a girl who is 12 or 13 to get pregnant and give birth. I know a lady who was 13 when she got pregnant and had her first child. F.y.i the youngest mother ever was 5.

  6. this may sound weird, but if preteen beyonce had a baby with her ugly ass father, wouldn't it come out looking like solange?????

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