10 CRAZY NBA Draft Conspiracies Of All-Time

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  1. How is Tim Duncan going to the Spurs not on this list!!???? That was and is the BIGGEST conspiracy hands down of ALL TIME…

  2. Why does no one talk about the cavs winning both the 2013 and 2014 picks. It's like Lebron planned to go back to Cleveland and have two stars but the cavs drafted a huge bust in 2013 so they got another chance cause lebron wanted to go back to play for Cleveland still in his prime so they had to give them another number 1 pick right away. Also a trade between a sure fire numbers guy in Kevin love for an untested number one pick in Wiggins sounds super strange . Just don't see why no NBA analysts talk about this anywhere

  3. how is it a conspiracy?LeBron left Cavs on 2010 so they became one of the worst team and then next years they got the 1st pick.Isnt that how the draft works?

  4. The Cavs' #1 draft pick in 2011 was actually from the LA Clippers because Cleveland traded for it a few years earlier. The Cavs received the #4 pick with the worst record in the NBA.

  5. But the Magic traded the #1 pick Chris Webber for Hardaway, who was the #3 pick. If it were rigged, why not keep C. Web, or draft Penny in the first place?

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