10 CRAZY Internet Conspiracy Theories

Ever had a suspicious feeling that your cat could be up to something? Ever considered that there could be more to the moon than the government is telling you?




  1. The Earth doesn't exist. How can stupid people believe in the Earth existing when you can disprove it?
    No one can see the Earth and if you look into the distance on a hot or clear day, the wobbling on a hot day is the LOD, and the haze is the Draw Distance.
    Clearly, there is just a holographic plane and we're put on it – no planet Earth: Fact.

    Too easy. 😀

  2. I'm a pretty opened minded guy, but Jesus fucking Christ.. this is TOO much! Except for the cat being aliens' spies thing.. that's true.

  3. Pyramids + Aliens = Impossible to prove conspiracy. The way more rational explaination involves water, wooden sleds, and a shit-ton of slaves.

  4. The airplane thing is real. Very real. My dad has a lot of proof… You know when someone doesn't shut up about something? Yeah, I thought people actually knew this and it was common knowledge but… Guess not?

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