10 CRAZY Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Trumps hair is real. I watched WM 23 hair vs hair match when The D pulled his fringe back or comb over it had genuine roots

  2. Today I will complete day 9 without a phone.

    The lack of a government brain control transmitter has had a significant impact on my cognitive abilities, allowing me to catch glimpses of reality before being sucked back into the matrix. I am not yet free of course, due to the poison in the water.

    The carcinogen, radioactive phone gamma rays also had a negative affectt on my life, but after a week of being non exposure, I have been able to complete tasks thought impossible of man. When concentrating hard enough, I am able to see through thin walls or clothing, and I am levitating even while typing this message, reaching out to you unenlightened sheep.

    The lack of portable music was first painful, but now I am able to become one with the sounds of nature itself, conversing with birds and other animals. The cities have become a loud mess of unintelligible noise, and I plan to build a recluse in the forest in the near future.

    While first frustrated, I have nothing but gratitude for UPS, who had originally promised to deliver my new phone on Friday. The newfound joy and fulfillment in life have satiated the hole in my heart that was left by the beatings of my father, a hole the Megatron action figure he bought me for Christmas could never fill.

  3. Trump's hair is definitely hair plugs. But I love that in one part they say Trump is a Satanic Worshipper but then the next he's here to defeat Satanists. Some people need to take off their tinfoil hats.

  4. I swear the conservative christians with all their satanic cult conspiracies are fucking insane. I've been hearing nonsense about Satanic this and that for 40 years. It seems every decade there's a new big thing related to satanic cults popping up and freaking them all out until years after it's been disproven, time and time again.

  5. you cant ready body language without a "baseline" because everyone is different. without being donalds friend and knowing him for years, they wont get anything but wild guesses. i can read my family and be 100% right, i can try to read a stranger a be dead wrong. and if you know about body language, you can constantly give people false reads. when i was younger our principal "knew" a child was lying because "you wont look him in the eye". well i lied to the fat fuck and looked him in the eye. got away with what i did….. so, let these morons read trump, they just make wild guesses.

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