10 Crazy Conspiracies That Turned Out to be True

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  1. I NEED to know your opinion on 9/11
    I cam not trust any other source and there is toooo much information to sort through.
    Help a gurl out!

  2. If the trails are actual chemtrails spreading poison, you can immediately spot the culprits behind: They and their families are wearing gas masks 24×7. If the trails are actual chemtrails spreading anti-fertility drugs, then without these drug the women of eg. Niger would on average have had 20 to 30 children instead those measly 6 they actually get on average.

  3. Twin Towers went straight down. The is only accomplished by controlled demolition. There is still videos on this media where fire fighters say they heard the sound of dynamite.
    It won’t be long the false flag with the ship and Iran will come to fruition.
    Pentagon is missing a grip of money again. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Simon: I'm going to use facts to ridicule people for believing gov conspiracy theories.
    People with a Brain: Ummm, you're getting those facts from the government.

  5. Instead of having to fight and die in war for the vote, women just had to wait for man in with influence to fall ill to take advantage.

  6. You fool. America once planned a false flag against American citizens for an excuse to invade Cuba. The CIA handed JFK a plan to shoot down an airliner and blame it on Castro by JFK rejected the idea.

  7. Diabetes 2 can come under this heading. 10% of the worlds population has been diagnosed with it, and put on useless medication which get increased up to the point that their pancreases are destroyed and they're on insulin twice a day for the rest of their lives. For years they've been told not to eat fruit….. and now they've discovered that the vitamin C in fruit cures Diabetes 2. So they're pushing vitamin C suppliments to be taken along with your doctors prescription. . Do you think this miraculous medical break thru might have something to do with an Indian doctor named Roy Chudhury who has been telling people to eat large amounts of raw fruit and vegetables, and curing thousands a month mainly FOR FREE ! The suppliments or preserved juice doesn't work…. All you need is fresh fruit and veggies and active enzymes they contain.

  8. The title says "are actually true" but yet none of these are true, they are all speculation of what could be done based on what has been done. For instance, they didn't actually do chemtrails, but they could be based on the San Fransico incident. How 9-11 was an inside job but literally no evidence of it. These are theories. There isn't anything wrong with the theories or the idea that they "could" happen but it's simply not true as the title suggest that these theories ARE true.

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