10 Craziest Movie Myths That Turned Out To Be True

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  1. I developed an enlarged heart when I was a foreign exchange student in Bolivia. The altitude caused it. I actually had a doctor come to my house. But the medicine was horrible. My heart returned to normal when I came back to the US but it was not easy to deal with at the time. It did make it easier to live in Colorado because it wasn't nearly as high as the Andes.

    I also have the original script for Star Wars. I have it on a floppy disk but I did print out a hard copy if anyone is interested.

  2. This video seems to be saying there isn't some one hanging in the background of the original wizard of Oz. There is and it's replaced by a giant bird in the remakes.

  3. It is very true that he had that hole dad thing mapped out starting in the first drafts in the early 70’s which is very much a part of a Greek tragedy which Star Wars mimics. There is a video here somewhere on YouTube about Lucas’s plan. The issue is, Lucas is wishing washy and changed his mind often (ex.,Wookiee’s became Ewoks). I don’t think even Lucas knows the truth.

  4. According to Mark Hammel the original twist for the empire strikes back was to have Darth Vader say “You don’t know the truth Obi-Wan killed your father.” And then have Obi-Wan look like the true villain.

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