10 Craziest Hollywood Conspiracy Theories

From Hollywood is Full of Immortals to Send Out The Clones here 10 Craziest Hollywood Conspiracy Theories, which one do you believe? Subscribe to Talltanic …




  1. harry potter aka daniel radcliffe was saused out by movie directors coz he was on an episode of blue peter uk ongoing programme he wasnt in the past he plays a wizard but he isnt 1 ,,, every body looks lke someone from the past that genetics

  2. Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have killed herself, I legit saw her in a magazine yesterday of when she was old. Curse you Mandela Effect I hate you you mess up the universe

  3. I really fucking love conspiracy theories. But there's one thing that those spineless cocksuckers that come with these theories do that pisses me the fuck off. They create conspiracy theories with kids in them! That's fucking low and those fucksticks should be slapped around for bringing kids into it. Just like those "tolerant" left assholes that fuck with Trump's youngest. Hate Trump all you want but leave kids out of it! There's zero reason to make up these stories with the kids in them!

  4. Her enthusiastic and exaggerated voice makes this whole video sound like a gossip session between two teenage girls talking about who likes who

  5. why do people find it so hard to believe the moon landing was faked? they tell you to go to school, what to eat on tv, what to watch, what to wear, they tell you to work, to do this, to do that, they tell you what to think, how to act, and what to do. Anything outside of this brainwashing is labeled "Crazy". When will the human race wake up from their slumber? Oh Infinite Universe of Lights what is your plan?

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