10 CRAZIEST Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe!

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  1. Why people dump the bodies of dead sheep in the water? No idea, but that's not the only animal corpse they dispose of this way. Clearly you've never been to Egypt.

  2. here's one: some people think redheads are descendants of alien race because they're more susceptible to sickness than others. talk about bigotry

  3. that Earth is a prison planet and that when you die if you've learned your lesson you can go to a new planet where everybody has Nico opportunities to be what successful in life and that your body is like a vehicle

  4. I like how u purposely think conspiracy theoriest are dumb n pick jokes at people ur n adult get yo shii together

  5. 1:15

    Okay, don't want to trigger anybody here, but I find his complete disregard of peoples religious beliefs to be a little insensitive. Hear me out. While yes, the Illuminati is now an internet joke, it does still have a big place in the minds of many christian religions. It is only disregarded because the internet has made it seem like one big joke.

  6. This matafacas think the Zionists Israelis terrorist organizations is not true ??? Tell me why the Isis is not attacking Israel n Saudi Arabia then ??? Zionists whores !!!!

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