10 Conspiracy Theories You Probably Believe

From the tragic events that happened in New York City all the way to vaccines causing autism, we bring you the 10 Conspiracy Theories You Probably Believe.




  1. when you say "you probably believe" which theories do you believe. And my God why would anyone give someone a second of their time to someone that thinks the world is flat? That's dumb as hell.

  2. So obvious Bush administration was behind 9/11, The Bush family got major funding from the Bin Laden family decades before Bush senior got into office. Osama Bin Laden was trained by the CIA, and on the evening before the supposedly 9/11 attack, the entire Bin Laden family were transported via private plane out of the USA to a secure safe location. I am a structural engineering consultant based in the UK and have studied the footage, read the majority of the reports made available, and from my personal recollection of the events as they unfolded, have to say in my personal experience and opinion the impact of a plane would not cause a perfectly symmetrical structural collapse in one tower, let alone two. The both towers (and let us not forget WTC-7 which also collapsed) were the result of a controlled demolition process.

  3. OK so far these aren't conspiracy's, floride in the water ? IS BAD, HITLER put floride in the Jews water, CHEMTRAILS have been PROVEN….

  4. honestly screw this guy "probably believe" like you don't believe some dumb mess like take the silver spoon out yo rectal cavity literally take a chill pill damn just let people do people I hate the connotations that go with conspiracy theorists like do you believe in God you're a conspiracy theorist if you do but that's not a a bad thing jesus (pun intended) tl;dr screw you

  5. the measles outbreaks discussed in this video all had people who had been vaccinated with the measles vaccine as patient zero

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