10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

What were once famous conspiracy theories are now real and horrifying historic events that actually happened! Visit our site: http://TopTrending.com Like us on …




  1. The government is defiantly controlling the media today. They're trying to censor all the right wing ideologies. Look at poor Alex Jones CNN made him look like a kkk leader on CNN

  2. The idea that an American President can be assassinated from a library window using a rifle that is not easy to load or fire then planta spare bullet on the assassins mortuary stretcher is not as far fetched as the Deep Cut army barracks guards who keep shooting themselves at arms length in the back of the head.

    And whilst it isn't impossible to believe that the BBC should be asking about the demise of Building #7 a day before it fell it wonderful to realise the rest of the skyscrapers were so well mined by government agents that they didn't have one accident during the whole celebration.

    If you don't count the firemen not obeying orders.

    But here I have been telling everybody that you don't get a severe earthquake without losing at least one airliner full of people and I am still alive to talk about it.

  3. all these lies and the sheep believe that a new selected president really cares about our people.. government is just as dirty and criminalized as any prisoner in prison is..

  4. We, the Illuminati have always been around, and we still are. We are your leaders, not our little puppets. We control you… and its too late to stop us now. We have all of you under our spell even while your watching videos on this website. We have control over you, your children, and even your parents. We… are… your… rulers.

  5. You believe things if your told it's true and others believe. Don't any of you research things out factually then decide for yourself regardless of what other people think.  ROFLMAO…

  6. 5:35 in 2013, the Government made it legal, again, for the "news" media to start doing propaganda again. You can see the effects in the last election. Everyone was against Trump in the mainstream media, except, perhaps, FOX. The free press in the alternative media online has become larger than them now, though. "The Alex Jones Channel," "Rebel Media" and others have YouTube Channels

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