10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES that turned out to be TRUE!

In this Top 10, I present to you a list of CONSPIRACY THEORIES that sounded crazy…until they turned out to be TRUE! Check out AllTimeConspiracies and …




  1. Thank you for these short and straight to the point vids and not going on a 20min useless banter about things we don't want to hear

  2. What about operation H.A.A.R.P? where they've been controlling the weather since the 40's and 50's with it having several current patents..

  3. mens only club?!?!126!? i am #TRIGGERED !!!1!! I LITERALLY CANNOT BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT COULD BE SO SEXIST OH EM GEE i feel so oppressed right now i cant even internalize it. I can't believe it!! how dare they think that it is alright to exclude women from such an important thing!? the amount of oppression im feeling right now is intense! im honestly reeling!
    this is why we need #feminism

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