10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT CAME TRUE http://www.infowars.com/10-conspiracy-theories-that-came-true/ Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of …




  1. The rise and fall of one more Empire….eventually all empires share the same fate, decay,fall and extintion.
    This is no conspiracy, and defenetly no theory….

  2. Why does Alex Jone steel all his comspiracy theories from other truth members like Jack Blood and Glen Beck and then he calls them his own ?
    Why does only 2% of Alex Jones theories ever turn out to be true ?

  3. Show me where any Mexican illegal kid has ever won a spelling bee or a school science fair. They are all being won by LEGAL Indian and Viet Namese immigrant kids, that is the difference. We don't need more Mexican housekeepers and landscapers…we need scholars, doctors and scientists from India and Viet Nam!

  4. The adverts on the washington examiner websitemake me laugh: "Child celebs who grew up to be hot" and "Celebrities who clearly dress for attention". You can never get away from sex, can you? Because boobs will always out-rank immigration for the average males attention.

  5. The only real comspiracy Alex Jones gives a shit about is who drank the last beer in his ice box !
    This guy does not give a shit about anybody except for making himself God of the truth movement !
    All the real truth seekers have abandoned him ,have not you notice all his old time caller don't call into his show anymmore .

    Alex you can fool most of the people most of the time but not all the people all the time !

  6. Ok . I have a thing to clear up. I have been watching INFOWARS ONLINE FOR OVER TWO YEARS AND HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS. I KEEP SEEING ONE OR TWO PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS TELLING QUITE A LIE. THEY KEEP SAYING THAT THE VIDEOS HAVE VIRUSES ATTACHED TO THEM. THIS IS A TOTAL LIE ! I HAVE TWO OF THE BEST SECURITY PROGRAMS THAT EXIST. Norton and Windows defender. There have been no viruses detected on any INFOWARS.COM. The lie they are spreading is one designed to get the uninformed to avoid watching Infowars.com There are no viruses on their sites. If you read these folks lies then you know that they are government stooges being paid to discredit any one who just might get you to think for your selves ! I HAVE GOTTEN TRACKING COOKIES WHILE VIEWING THINGS ON A SITE FOR THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AS WELL AS A SITE FOR YOUNG REPUBLICANS. Of course they were removed quickly . 

  7. Yeah, real conspiracies happen. That doesn't justify misinformation and horrible interpretation of events by Infowars. Great example!! Climate change. There is actual scientific evidence, GATHERED BY QUALIFIED PEOPLE, NOT SOME RANDOM ALTERNATIVE YELLOW JOURNALISM ORGANIZATION, showing the climate is changing radically whether you want to blame it on man or not it is as real as the sun and the moon. 

  8. So sad there is so much blind ignorance among our Youth unfortunetly due too Media and Schools, and even more sad for Adult's who should have woken from there spoils and sleeping slumber
    .  So sad for you blind sheeples.

  9. In Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry commented: Quote: "Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany's startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers."

  10. You guys need to stop it with this Illuminati shit, seriously. If you look at the bigger picture, you will see that the entirety of this worlds problems resort back to greed, power and money. Nothing more, nothing less. If you really want to make a change, you should learn some survival skills and find a way to cut money out of the equation altogether.

  11. thats all people do is fight how is the world goin to make it any more ohhh its not beocuse people hate so many others look all the fighting on the comments thats all it is no way no how is this world goin to make it any more

  12. FEMA camps/thousands of plastic coffins and unmarked military vehicles exist I live in Missouri and there's numerous FEMA camps here I've seen them

  13. Once you control the mass media, government, education system, and now internet social comments through trolls and ridicule, you can make people believe the most obvious lies.

  14. More "crazy conspiracy theories" that turned out to be true:
    1) Jews
    2) Freemasons
    3) Wars being planned
    4) The media being all lies and propaganda

  15. 1) Dancing Israelis Arrested celebrating and filming the Twin Towers on 9/11
    2) Hundreds of Israeli Spies Arrested after 9/11, many with links to the Hijackers

  16. . I  had a general question, if something is considered a conspiracy for years, mine you, and they turns out to be true, does it change the title from conspiracy to fact . Or does it stay titled conspiracy, or do we change it to a new title as just call it what it is a lie. Mike

  17. thank you so much!!!! please keeping informing people with the truth and what's really going on in the world. we can't trust our government anymore people. please wake up and smell the fuckin coffee!!!!!! they have been lying to is for the longest time and some of us are now finally realizing it and some have known

  18. Me and my friends were talking about that last week. It doesnt matter which side you're on; right left, conservative or democratic. Its all part of the agenda cuz the end result has been decided. Everything else is pandered out to generate public in favor of interest to pick them to fufill w/e it is they already planned. And it doesnt take much to brainwash people nowadays, a few buzzwords and sponsors will go far in politics.

  19. You fucks can only come up with 10 to try and validate your existence? That's it? 5 of them happened over 50 years ago. Alex you've been spewing crap since 1990 and this paltry list of 10 is all you got? facepalm

  20. what is all this crap about guns got to do with anything? take the guns away and nobody can legally use them against you so you don't have to own them to protect yourself in the first place, i don't understand the american reluctance on this issue at all. just very old beliefs and freedom to protect yourself based on an old constitution which has little meaning on today's society. if people cant buy guns they cant use them against innocents its very simple, yet the government seems bound by a 100+ year old document, makes no sense

  21. I find it amusing that this black guy is talking about gun ownership, as if he would be approved to legitimately own a gun.

  22. This guy is a fucking idiot to say that he doesn't think climate change is real. When 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and probably man made. Look it up. But I'm guessing there's some conspiracy there too, right? Fucking clown. Shut the fuck up and read a book.


  24. Using the words conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory. Two people talking and agreeing on anything is a conspiracy. It's not a bad word, just a tool for the system polluted wolves to use on conspiring good people. Rapid killer wolves get killed by good conspiring people in order to protect themselves and each other. Sheep don't kill wolves, people do.

  25. So, the argument is that since covert operations have happened, all conspiracy theories are true? What ever happened to logic?

  26. stupid nigga! you are asinine, how can u not understand global warming, landfill in Kentucky tsunami in Japan wtf you so stupid

  27. This is straw man. Most people who are skeptic of conspiracy theorist claims know that conspiracies do happen. And because of that, the challenge is even heavier to prove whether or not there is a conspiracy. The burden of proof is and always will be on the claimant. You cannot say, "Well… the US has been involved in conspiracies before… so that makes this conspiracy claim valid." No.

    Also, quit getting mad at the label "conspiracy theorist" just because you think it's been turned into a snarl term. If you think there's a conspiracy, without it being proven, you are by definition a conspiracy theorist. Actually, we should be calling you "conspiracy speculators" since the use of "theory" may be in error there, since many of the claims haven't met the qualifications to even be called a theory!


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