10 Chilling Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE

From propaganda to a conspiracy about the moon landing, we count 10 conspiracy theories that were actually true Facebook: …




  1. That's probably part of the reason that JFK was assassinated. He didn't fit within the illuminati's plan, so they needed to get rid of him.

  2. A bigger Conspiracy then the Kennedy conspiracy is the Marixism/Communist Uprising of 1900's -1910 which ended in 1993 and is still run by the man who helped over throw the Zhars.

  3. very,very old news,imo i like to look into these topics often..these 10 even back then were know,had leaks and such and people got called Tin hats and all that..its funny tho…makes you wonder about the new ones.

  4. Of course number one is real. I got called into the FBI and questioned about my fb account. They had huge files on me. And they claimed that they didn't need a warrant because of the patriot act.

  5. air planes actully tell you that if there is a crash to put your head in your lap and your hands on your neck. they tell you this because of they get in a crash and you live you can sue for millions of dollars however this method of covering yourself will insure that your neck breaks but saves your teeth so that they can identify your dead body

  6. Tim Osman was Obama in Afghanistan who later on became Osama bin Laden! Could you find this out? That's why he was the one who needed the Osama bin laden, supposedly!

  7. Funny video bro, also beware the earth is flat not round it all started in 1888 it's about the time the CIA and government morphed into a fish or lizard or flying speghettie monster or something you know the norm lol

  8. its somewhat ironic how the first gulf war happend because of a lie about babys being taken from incubators and the sconed was a lie about weapons of mass destruction however studying the first golf war we didnt really need a lie to get involved Kewate was a friendly ally to the US and supplied us with oil Iraqi troops invaded we were obliged to help liberate kewate

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