10 Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories

Is Tupac chilling in Cuba? Was Michael Jackson killed by the illuminati? Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have died under mysterious circumstances, but …




  1. What about Natalie Wood? According to Lana Wood, Natalie's sister, Natalie was murdered by her husband Robert Wagner out of jealousy, therefore the cause of death could not have simply been an accidental drowning.

  2. Princess Diana was murdered because she wasn't a Zionist like her mother was. Michael Jackson's death is still a mystery but the entire Jackson family has come out and said publicly that he was killed. Brittany Murphy one is most likely false, she probably just overdosed on drugs or something.

  3. Okay but whyy were the Murphy's under surveillance from the American DHS? Such a same Brittany Murphy was absolutely gorgeous and a great person. Plus the picture in this video of her is creepy af….

  4. George Washington never died. He faked his own death and is now age 284 and living comfortably with Elvis, Lady Di, and Tupac on a secret island

  5. Don't get excited about files relating to JFK being released in 2029, they will be heavily redacted and reveal nothing more than we already know. Take that bet to Vegas homies.

  6. Who cares is Michael Jackson was murdered, he fucking deserved it for being a child torturing/molesting piece of sub-human garbage.

  7. I dont quite understand the marilyn monroe one , she is my IDOL and anyone i know knows im obsessed with her but the night of her death she and her maid had been the only ones is her house that night

  8. Vietnam america war . start because 1 girls . she was girlfriend to Vietnam general . Vietnam and america meeting in secret location . later she run up to america general and was found death in Russia . because JFK don't want her .. the most mysterious women live in earth

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