10 Celebrity Death Conspiracies

10 Celebrity death conspiracies, From starts that died young that had took out insurances just before there deaths to deaths that relate to the illuminati. We shall …




  1. Aaaw… I was waiting for the one saying that Elvis Presley was still alive but disguised as a homeless woman — or that he was really Santa Claus and had been seen riding his sleigh somewhere snowy.
    — Jokes aside, a shame that these great artists has passed way. May they rest in peace.

  2. LOL I love to see the dumb and stupid watch these shows!!! Should make a video I'm a stupid liberal, bend me over and make me president!!! Oh yeah they have its called Barrack Hussein Obama!!!

  3. you are a fucking asshole and an idiot! you are using these amzing people and their tragic deaths for your own profit and give some people false hope rip paul walker

  4. Only Democrats are uneducated enough TO believe stupid bullshit conspiracies! ALL ofvthesevpeople committed suicide including child RAPIST michael Jackson

  5. Celebrities die every day, not just on the 11th. And that 3 Brian theory thing, Griffin, Walker and Thompson, has got got be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. How are their deaths related? Family Guy is a cartoon which means it's not real. And it airs on FOX NOT FX. I have a "conspiracy" Lucille Ball and John Ritter both died of an aortic aneurysm. They were fans of each other and Lucy died on 4-26-89, that's 1 plus 2 is 3 plus 4 is 7 plus 5 is 12…sorry, no 11 or 3. Oh wait, she died 3 years after Desi Arnaz ans she was married twice…2 plus 2 is 4. Desi got remarried too, so did vivian vance. So 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 is 8. John Ritter died on September 11, 2003, that's two yeas after the attack on the twin towers and he was married twice, so add all oh those twos and you have 10. Too much of a coincidence and too many numbers. People are stupid.

  6. I will say this, tupac is alive, I've seen the videos to prove it, Elvis is still alive, he goes by the name John Contner. He's put on weight and grew a beard. He faked his death to avoid people who were after him for money. Even Prescilla has slipped up a few times and basically gave it away and MJ is alive as well. He owed a lot of money and needed to get away quick. Even his own family has admitted that he is alive. And Kurt Cobain was murdered. If I met them I wouldnt say anything to anyone about them being alive.

  7. silly silly Whitney Houston death self destructive! her daughter also follow ed. rich Rich drugs are the death of both! what a life! lol…didn't make difference in this life.

  8. Did you know that in the movie Paul Walker starred in "Skull" mentioned in this video. Paul Walker received a red Porsche from the so called secret society in that movie as a gift. Did you also know that he died in a red Porsche as well. Very creepy and what are the chances of that happening.

  9. Courtney Love killed Kurt she even told her daughter in a drunken and high rant that every times she's sees her face it reminds her of her blowing her dad's head off.

  10. Before i even watch this i just want to say a lot of people have turned a blind eye to Paul walkers death since his death I've investigated every thing leading to his death first thing I'd like to say is nobody saw him actually get in the car there's only one photo of him standing next to it also all cameras were turned off in the area except for one that clearly shows a car go off like a atomic bomb when it hits the tree stump this does not happen in car crashes unless there was a explosive strapped to it. Leading up to he's death he announced he was going to retire just before they released fast & furious 7 there's more but i won't go on into full details i just want to say he was murdered or he never died at all this is not a conspiracy it's what all the records up until that day show.

  11. I have a conspiracy.

    I farted at 8:02pm, my goldfish died 8/2 of 2015. 2+1+5=8 and the day my goldfish died….i had for 8 days! crazy conspiracy I know.

  12. im still waiting for the day for a celebrity to turn up somewere after faking thereown death just so they can get out of the public eye because fame has overtook there life and they wanted out

  13. Amy winehouse's death isn't a conspiracy . She was a heavy drinker then was sober . When she drunk all that vodka she couldn't take it .

  14. I was crushed about Brittany Murphy's death. ..and I'm NOT really a "star chaser".I really appreciated her down to earth quality in her personality. BEAUTIFUL in life and I'm sure gorgeous as a Angel. idk what to think, illuminati murders or death from exhaustion ?.unfortunately I think they're both possible and tragic.

  15. Interesting but I wish Elite Facts could have provided more details. But I understand. Elite facts doesn't want to end up on other countdown programs conspiracy theories. 🙂

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