10 Biggest Space Conspiracies Of All Time

Space is full of unexplored mysteries and secrets. Despite Mankind’s achievements in Space Exploration, we have barely scratched the surface of what lies in …




  1. Still no impact from nibiru just proves that all these predictions are just B.S thought up by some nut job because they stop talking there dam meds hey screwball stop talking crap take some a pill and chill man lol

  2. Dude idk what the issue with aliens is, but it is causing terror and psychopaths. Sometimes I wish people would just tell the truth. Everyone has the ability to. In fact it doesn’t even matter, it will just help us prepare for whatever the heck is coming. I’m just completely mad that they keep hiding an answer that we need.

  3. The Orion's Belt stars are light years apart!!! If you watched them from another planet, they wouldn't be on the same line and distinguishable

  4. I'm still quite a bit "okey" with the "pyramid theory" inside of saturn hexagonal storm. But I soon hit the dislike button after I heard that "hell" word. Nope and nope, too embarrassingly comical.

  5. Rule number one of apocalyptic death cults: Never set a concrete date.
    Actually please continue it makes you all so much easier to mock.

  6. That solo warden thing is a little weird but trump recently talked about having a space force in space to control space so there isn’t some big war for planets

  7. september 23, 2017….huh guess we missed the breaking news story about another planet crashing into earth….bet that guy feels like an idiot now

  8. The global elite are always up to something, it would kinda suck being them with how busy they got to be with all these conspiracies they are involved in.

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