10 American Conspiracy Theories You Need to Know

USA’s Chemtrails, Birth Certificate Movement, mysteries, top secret alien treaties and more; These are 10 American Conspiracy Theories You Need To Know !




  1. Lmao!! Goddamn chemtrails. Ffs. People are so damn stupid. Of any of these societies existed, no one would know. They control the entire world, but can't seem to keep themselves from being discovered? You retards.

  2. dam im going im calling trump rright now and demanding answers to all this i need to know if the the greys can clone me a 3 foot dick and make me an armor suit to kick the shit of terrorist, AMERICA.

  3. Sigh…why do Americans claim everything is theirs? Chemtrails are fucking everywhere! And its Nikola Tesla the person, not the fucking car guy…..sigh!!!!

  4. There is a difference between chemtrails and contrails. Notice which ones linger in the sky for long periods…….contrails are emitted and dissipate. Pilots are on record flying chemtrail missions.

  5. 9/11, Sandy Hook, KISS , the NFL, Saturn, triangles, bread, and toes never happened. It's all a conspiracy by the Rothchilds, Free Masons, Chippendale dancers and Donald Duck……according to Democrats.

  6. Conspiracy Theories is just the act of asking why ! People in power don't like answering questions presented by the public . Without the facts being available, people have to answer the questions with the few facts available and a few assumptions to fill in the blanks . Sometimes the people get it right and sometimes they get it wrong . However, the question why always has to be answered ! We are suppose to live in a society where the truths are available to the people and every dollar spent is accounted for . Obviously our government doesn't understand this . So people will have to keep forming their conclusions the best they can and they should not have propaganda labeling being used to stop people from asking their government "Why" . It's a fair question and deserves a truthful answer .

  7. It's not a conspiracy theory that the US new Japan was going to bomb pearl harbor. It's declassified and documented history. It was to prevent letting them know we broke their cypher.

  8. Roosevelt and Churchill are war criminals. Colonial nobility. Opium, looting, colonial rule.Hoover, hamilton fish, Confession of MacArthur, History of Kennedy. The truth of Tokyo Trial. Please look at the truth of Hull note.

  9. Chemtrails is the secret agenda hidden in plain site. Above the heads of everyone around the world. An army of trolls cover the tube trying to tell you there is no such thing. The modern day hi-bypass turbofan jet engine used in all commercial jets is incapable of leaving any trail.

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