Answer From Within To The Question: “What Can I Do?”

Withdraw your assets from the banks, tax boycotts, corporate and government job walkouts, student walkouts, boycott corporate chains, support community farming, support debt-free local currency, alternative money, be innovative with technology, support free source software, P2P, entrepreneurship, join a hobby club, grow a home food garden, start home schooling, file a legal complaint while blogging about it, look within for your innovations and your problem solving skills. Continue Reading


Is There a Conspiracy to Protect Obama’s Record?

Even as many Americans continue to experience a very slow recovery from the Great Recession, the official unemployment rate has dropped below 5 percent, leading some to credit presidential policies for that positive sign. In response, some critics of President Obama have taken to social media to suggest that the official unemployment numbers are “lies,” part of an intentional conspiracy to hide the real state of the economy.

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